Web Design
Internet Expressway has worked closely with building a few of the greatest business names in
the Inland Northwest.  Internet Expressway will work closely with you to design your web pages and tailor them specificly to meet your needs. Our team of professional web developers will do excellent work for you pending from your business needs: e-commerce, advertising, graphical interface(s), programming (ASP, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, more).


We offer consulting during the development of your web site to help you better market your company. Whether it be based for other businesses, business partners, your employees, or the clients. Ask us how we can help during the stages of development, you'll find Internet Expressway doesn't only design pages well but can help you in the needs your business will come across down-the-road.

If no one is looking at your web pages, what good are they? Web site maintenance (eg. additional pages, custom scripts ,shopping cart, graphics, news, etc.) fees are estimated at $35/hr. We can also write custom applications in a variety of languages and platforms. If you have programming needs we can work up a quote for just about anything you can dream up.

Our design fees are $50 per page for the first 5 pages. Any pages after that ar $75 per page. Give us a call, or contact us today for a detailed quote.

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