Dialin Services

Internet Expressways serves out quality accounts, designed in mind for your growing needs. We realize the importance in this age that email, and the ability to surf anywhere on the web is imparitive to providing you good service. That's not where we stop! We continue on by offering you 5 free email accounts, 100 megs of web space, support, and much more. Keep reading for more details on Internet Expressway's Dialin Services!

High Speed 56k dialup service.
Unrestriced access to the World Wide Web.
5 Free Email Accounts
Free personal webspace up to 100MB
Unlimited email forwarding
Modification of sites 24 hours a day via FTP

Note: if you don't find what you need here, please
look in Optional Services and call Internet Expressway for further

Standard Dialup Packages
Month-to-month Rate $19.95
Additional Email Boxes $5.00
Quarterly Rate $44.85 (Thats only $14.95 a month)
Semi-Annual Rate $79.99 (Thats only $13.33 a month)
Annual Rate Best Value! $107.40 (Thats only $8.95 a month)

All of our accounts have FREE! technical support Mon - Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm, If you have any questions now concerning your dialup connection, refer to our support pages or contact us for furthor assistance.

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