Programming & Active Server Page Services

Making the most of your e-commerce solution made simple and easy is done through the background. Which will help you take leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors. Functionality, ease-of-use, and efficiency all tied together under one branch. Programming and active server pages. Internet Expressway's team of developers and programmers can come up with the building block you need. Whether it be for Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Employee. We can meet all your growing needs.

General Programming
Active Server Pages/JavaScripts/VBScript/CGI/PERL/C++/etc.
Internet Expressway's team can help you create radical application development (RAD) to help your consumers move seamlessly and effortlessly through the line of products & service, you offer.

Database Development
Your company may carry 75 products or boast to 5,000 products. Database integration has become a must for any company carrying the hundreds of products and support. On the front sales line and within the warehouse. Internet Expressway has invented solutions for companies to creat a products database, that seamlessly ties in to your sales front, and ends with your accounting and shipping yards of your headquarters. All at the click of a mouse. Fast and easy.

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