Internet Expressway Online Tracking

Internet Expressway Online Tracker gives you real-time tracking and reporting on your site traffic, and visitor profiles. And, our online reports give you access to your site's history traffic to keep watch on the trends of the surfers that pass through your web site.

Information at the click of a mouse!
Our online Tracker is remotely hosted, so there is no software for you to install or download. This means no wasted time maintaining or analyzing complex log files required by other site tracking services. You simply paste a section of HTML code into each page you wish to track; after that, your statistics will be instantly updated every time your page is loaded.

Navigation Reports
Our comprehensive site path analysis describes the viewing habits of your Web audience. This analysis includes reporting on paths taken through your site, entry and exit pages, page reloads, next and previous pages, page and visit depth, single access pages, time spent on site and more

This feature can be added to any web page hosting for only $10.00 per month. If you would like a real time example of this please free to contact us.

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