High Speed Services - Solutions for Business and Residential

Service Starts at Only $39.99 a Month!
No Additional Taxes or Surcharges!

installation with 36 month service agreement!

Internet Expressway is proud to offer you access to high speed internet services at great rates. This is NOT the expensive, poor performing satellite services you may have heard of. This is high speed terrestrial based microwave communications services. And it is now available to you! This service currently covers large areas of Lincoln, Spokane and Kootenai County. 

  These great features are included at No Additional Cost!
  - No phone line is needed! Cancel that extra line and save $$!
  - Instant always on connection! No more logging on!
  - E-Mail Service
  - Superior Customer Service and Local Technical Support!
  - Great for Home or Office!

Basic installation of the equipment, mounting the hardware and running up to 40 feet of cable is included in the install fee. Additional equipment or special installation requirements or requests may incur additional costs. (Basic install includes standard power equipment, wall mount bracket, up to 40 feet of cable and cable termination). 

We CAN NOT send a service truck to your location just to see “IF” you can get the service. If you place an order and we can not provide the service, you will not be charged.

Wireless Pricing

Starting at $39.99 monthly

*FREE installation with 36 month service agreement!
With 24 month service agreement, installation only $200.00!
With 12 month service agreement, installation only $260.00!
Month to month service, installation only $300.00!

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