e-commerce solutions
Today, your company needs a positive outlook. Obtaining that outlook comes from insight, insight that meets your companies needs on the floors of your warehouse and headquarters, but also around the globe. Internet Expressway's Web Team can help you creat a solution for your company that integrates those specific needs.

The number one solution for most any business is the ability to widen your store front. To open your doors to those in the city or suburb, all the way from the country side, at the click of a mouse. Making your products purchasable online. Internet Expressway offers solutions for secure online transactions for all your e-commerce needs. Shopping solutions include secure transactions, shopping cart customization, wide product database (one product to thousands), database integration (ASP), and online tracking for customers to be able to seach and find the latest status where their purchase is.

Inside Marketing
Opening your business to the world wide web is just one of the many steps in taking the front of electronic commerce. Allowing customers to easily find your items within your web site is another. With our professional web design team Internet Expressway can create for your company a tailor look for clients, associates, or other empoloyees to interact with the sales online. Ranging from online form submition, special requsts, and update of your product invetory in real-time online. Check through our web design and programming & ASP pages to take full of advantage of Internet Expressway's services today!

Internet Expressway provides services as domain hosting for your company. What good is a presence on the web without having the space to store your important files that make your e-commerce come-to-life! Click the following link to find out more about Internet Expressway's web hosting services. Click Here

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