WS_FTP Limited Edition
If you have an FTP Account with Internet Expressway the directions below will help guide you in the FTP process. If you are unsure as to whether you have an FTP Account set up with Internet Expressway, please email Technical Support to confirm or request an account. Please send your username and password inside your email so an account can be set up if one is not already in place. You will recieve a confirmation email letting you know the account already exists or was then created.

With Internet Expressway you will recieve 10 megabites of Server Space to place files for your personal web page. The best way to keep track of how much space you are using is to keep a directory on your hard drive dedicated to the files you use for your web page. Then in the bottom border of that directory will be the "File Attributes" and will display the entire amount of bytes contained in that directory.

Here is how to configure the FTP options:
  1. Open the WS_FTP program by clicking on "Start", "Programs", then move your cursor to "WS_FTP".

  2. The "Session Properties" menu will automatically open apon the activation of the program. Settings are as follows...
    Host Name/Address:
    Host Type:
    User Id:
    Internet Expressway
    Automatic Detect
    username (ie: jdoe)

    Make sure to remove the "check" out of
    the "Anonymous" box to the right!

  3. Click the "Okay" button.

  4. You will automatically be transfered into your personal FTP Directory.
    You may at this point begin to browse through your "Local" machine
    ("Your" Computer on the Left of the screen) and select the files you
    would like to place on the "Remote" machine ("Our" Computer on the
    of the screen).

  5. After your selection, you may now begin to transfer (FTP) your files by clicking the "Arrow" pointing to the "Right". As you can see, the arrow pointing to the left is to transfer files from inside your directory on "Our" machine to "Your" machine. (ie: from the "Remote" (right) machine to the "Local" (left) machine )

  6. Once your files are placed in your directory on the FTP Server, the world will be able to see them immediatly.







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