Internet Wizard
(Internet Wizard Can be found by clicking on the Start Menu:
"Start" -> "All Programs or Programs" -> "Accessories" ->
"Communications" -> "New Connection Wizard")
1.  Click on Next.
2.  Click on "Connect to the Internet".
3.  Click on Next.
4.  Click on "Set up my connecton manually".
5.  Click on Next.
6.  Click on "Connect using a dial up modem".
7.  Click on Next.
8.  Type the name of your isp in the following Box
      Enter -
9.  Click on Next.
10.  Enter Phone Number:
         Enter 2523698.
11.  Click on Next.
12.  Enter User Name - You may need to place a "P" before the user name if you have had an account for over a year.
                Password -
              Confirm Password -
       o  Use this account name and password whenanyone connects to the internet from this computer.
       o  Make this the default internet connection
       o  Turn on internet connection firewall for this connection
13.  Click on Next.
14.  Click on box if  "add a short cut to this connection to my desktop".
15.  Click on Finish.
Mail Wizard
1.  Enter "Display Name"
2.  Click on Next.
3.  Enter "Email Address"
4.  Click on Next.
5.  Enter in "Incoming (pop3,IMAP, or HTTP) Server).
       Type -
     Enter in "Outgoing Mail (smtp) Server.
        Type -
6.  Click Next
7.  Enter Password.
8.  Click on Next.
9.  Click on Finish.







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