Q: Why do I get disconnected all the time?

A: This problem could occur for many reasons.

If you are online but not transferring any data for 20 minutes, your computer may have settings enabled that disconnect your from the internet. Some email programs also have settings to disconnect after sending and receiving email messages. You may also have call waiting on your phone line. If call waiting isnít disabled someone can call your phone and cause your computer to disconnect from the internet.

If you are getting disconnected after you are online for only a minute or two, you probably have WINS enabled or your phone line has background noise that's interfering with your dialup connection.

If you STILL can't stay connected, itís possible that your modem is outdated and incompatible with today's technology. You may need to purchase a new 56k modem.

Q: What type of 56k modems can I use with your service?

A: You can use Kflex, v.90, and v.92 modems. We do support the v.90 Rockwell chipsets.

Q: Why can't I ever connect at the full 56k?

A: We use 64k digital lines on our modem pools. The maximum legal limit for data transfers is 53k. The average connection speed for most 56k modems is around 41k. Phone line quality will affect your connection speeds. If you are located in a rural area or on the outskirts of Spokane you may be able to connect at faster speeds with a high quality modem. One high quality modem is the U.S. Robotics 56k External modem.

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