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Microsoft Internet Mail v1.0
Here is how to configure the mail options:

  1. Open the Internet Mail program by clicking on "Start", "Programs" then move the cursor to "Internet Mail".
  2. Click "Mail" on the "File Menu" then move the cursor to "Options".
  3. Click the tab called "Server". Settings are as follows...

    Name: Mr. John Doe (or what you would like to have in the "From:" field)
    Organization: John Doe's Kitchen Repair (ie: Your business or company name)
    Email Address: (ie:
    Outgoing SMTP Server:
    Incoming POP3 Server:
    Account Name: username (ie: jdoe) NO CAPITAL "P".
    Password: password (ie: password) Same password as the one used to connect.

  4. Click the button "Advanced". Settings are as follows...
    Reply to Address: (ie:

  5. Click "Okay" at the bottom until you return to the Mail window. Close the program and then restart and your new settings will be in place to send and recieve E-Mail.
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